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Water Tank Cleaning


You will be the first to know when your Water Tank needs cleaning.

Water discoloration, foul odor or taste is all indications that your tank water is not healthy and requires attention.

Preventative maintenance and cleaning of your Water Tank can avoid reaching this unpleasant situation.

During Tank Cleaning Service Breeze ME specialists check the sediment/sludge level at the bottom of the tank and then recommend tank cleaning, if required.

Some reasons why tank cleaning is necessary:

  • Avoid the built-up sediment being drawn up and damaging your pump
  • Prevent sediment tainting and discoloring your water.
  • Remove bacteria and pollutants which build up over time in the sediment

The frequency of tank cleaning & de-sludging depends on the individual tank location as many different factors affect the water quality. Generally this is every 18 or 24Months.