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Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning

Don't wait to make headlines.

Have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned Correctly every time.

Don't take the chance of your restaurant going up in flames.

Prevent a fire & protect your food quality & your staff life.


Why is kitchen exhaust cleaning so important?

Reduces the risk of financial loss caused by a serious fire.

Removal of fire hazard. Complies with insurance requirements.

Brings peace of mind to you and your employees.

Removal of food source of insects and rodents and minimizes contamination.

Improved operations of the mechanical systems and ventilation for smoke, vapor, Heat and odor removal.

Increases Energy savings. Very dirty grease filters, exhausts & fans may reduce the airflow to the extent that grease vapors exit the kitchen into dining area and exceed the heat in duct system.

Dirty Exhaust can affect cooking temperatures and as a result, food can be improperly cooked.

Grilling, frying and charbroiling emissions can become a problem in your area if these emissions are not properly monitored.


Our Job Step by Step

Our company offers complete exhaust system cleaning, including:

  • A detailed inspection report( 80 pts) for the kitchen exhausting system.
  • Protection for the space we are working in Nylon sheets.
  • Cleaning Interior and Exterior of hoods. Cleaning baffle Filters of Hoods.
  • Cleaning Horizontal & Vertical ductworks. Cleaning Exhaust extractor fan blades, housing and the blinds as well.
  • A detailed system service report at the conclusion of cleaning process.
  • A training of (How to put out a Grease Fire) for the kitchen staff (optional).
  • Kitchen Drains and main grease trap cleaning and disinfecting (Optional).
  • A Fire Safety Inspection report (Optional). Installing special induct fine filters to control extracted grease,
  • smoke & Odor on the roof ( Optional )