Our Services
Breeze M.E . is one of the companies in Egypt to pioneer and specialize in ( RDS) . Ropes Descending System and abseil access and offer an alternative means of access to overcome difficult height problems in building maintenance.
Breeze M.E . Protects the value of your property with professional stone & Tile maintenance.
Breeze M.E . team (Members of “IAQA” Indoor Air Quality Association) ranges from Building doctors, Air duct cleaning , Air purifying specialists, and experts in selling and marketing IAQ service.
Breeze M.E .provides highly trained and experienced cleaning technicians that come in immediately after construction and clean and finish whatever necessary.
You will be the first to know when your Water Tank needs cleaning.
Your Facility needs continual cleaning and sanitizing to eliminate all kinds of bacteria before they can multiply and spread.
There's a hidden danger spot in most hotels and laundries today.
Chances are you don't look at it or even think about it.

Have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned correctly every time.
Clean carpets are an important part of keeping your facility looking good, as well as keeping it safe and healthy for building occupants
Breeze M.E . Offers complete upholstery cleaning system and fabric protection.